The park property was originally the homestead of Floyd and Fannie Salmon.  They owned a house moving business and ran cattle on the property.  In order to create a watering hole for the cattle, Floyd dammed the spring-fed creek that ran through the property and created “Salmon Lake”.  The Lake was a popular place for his daughter’s friends to come out and swim.  Eventually, he opened the lake to the public for swimming.   

In the mid 70’s, as a bluegrass aficionado, and at the suggestion of his friend Earl Garner, Floyd installed a stage and RV/camping spaces throughout the property kicking off the annual Bluegrass festival.  He also used his house moving business to bring many old buildings to the property that were ultimately utilized as cabins for his Festival guests.  Capitalizing on the success and popularity of the Bluegrass Festival, Floyd later added a second Gospel Bluegrass Festival. The majority of the Park’s early years were employed solely during the summer for the two festivals and local swimming hole. 

Floyd and Fannie managed the Park well into their 80’s.  Over the years, Floyd maintained his visionary approach toward the park, always working on the next unique feature.  After Floyd’s passing, Fannie was moved to a nursing home and the park was sold by his daughters to the Powers Family in 2018.   

Upon taking the park over, the Powers family made numerous capital improvements in the park including the addition of The Slide and the beautiful new bathhouse.  Their diligence and tireless efforts in maintaining and improving the property put the Park on a positive trajectory.  After many prayers and discussions with their family, they made the decision in 2020 to explore the prospect of selling the property to another family who would continue their efforts and maintain the family friendly atmosphere the park espoused since its inception. 

On May 1, 2020, the Owens family came to the park to “get away” from the cabin fever they were experiencing due to the Covid lock-downs that had been imposed the previous 6 weeks.  They fell in love with the park and what started as a weekend getaway turned into full time RVing through the summer.  During the course of that time, they got to know the Powers and began to discuss buying the park.  On November of 2020, the Owens family officially began to carry the torch Mr. Salmon lit many years ago.  As the current owners, the Owens have many plans to continue the infrastructure upgrades along with adding additional camping features and festivals.

The Owens:  Trent and Bethany met after graduating from Texas A&M in the early 2000’s.  As they both spent many family vacations at campgrounds growing up, they found they had a mutual love of the outdoors and have since spent many days hiking, camping and enjoying the beautiful world the Lord created.  Primitive camping is one of their favorite past-times and camping in hammocks is their primary gear choice.  Due to their upbringing, they decided they too would raise their children to love and appreciate the camping lifestyle as much as they do.  With the ability to incorporate their favorite past-time into their daily life, the move to Salmon Lake was an easy transition.  They find some of the best family memories are made exploring God’s creation.