Local Experiences

Grapeland Safari

5 minutes away

Houston County Lake

25 minutes away

Mission Tejas State Park

30 minutes away

Caddo Mounds State Historical Site

30 minutes away

Texas State Railroad (Palestine Depot)

30 minutes away

Davy Crockett National Forest Paddling Trail

50 minutes away

Davey Dogwood Park

35 minutes away

Downtown Crockett

20 minutes away

Downtown Palestine Main street

25 minutes away


Coming in late is never a problem.  Depending on the time of year and/or event, we will have specific instructions on the door of the admission booth that you can follow when you get here.  We also always have a park host or employee available to help 24/7.

We are most certainly pet friendly!  We have never travelled on a camping trip without our dogs and fully understand that for so many people, pets are members of the family.  That said, we have to consider all our guests who have allergies/fears or folks who simply don’t like being around other people’s pets.  In order to try to maximize everyone’s enjoyment, we have Pet Policies in place.

We believe that just because a dog is a certain breed, it doesn’t make them aggressive.  Likewise – not all dogs in the generally accepted “non-aggressive” breed lists are non-aggressive.  For us, the most important question is:  Is YOUR DOG aggressive towards other people or pets.  If yes, they will need to stay at home.  If no, they are welcome at the park.  All pets/pet owners must follow our Pet Policies.  Pets staying with us in our cabins will require a separate pet fee of $25. 

Great question! And one that is often asked here.  We get it.  There are some really great fish inhabiting our lake.  Problem is… there are a lot more bare feet in and around in the lake.  Nothing causes a great vacation to go south faster than a rusty old fish hook stuck in a person’s foot as this usually means a trip to the ER for a Tetanus shot.   

Fortunately, the Frog Pond has been stocked with bass and crappie for our folks who enjoy the pastime.  This is a catch and release fishing hole only.  If you are wanting to catch and eat, ask us about some of our favorite local fishing holes – we’ll be glad to help you get your “Fish ON”. 

Short answer:  Yep.  Long answer:  At the end of the day – we are an “outdoor event” location.  Any “critter” that can be found in the wild of East Texas can also be found here at the park.  In most cases, the ornery critters (I’m lookin at you Mr. Copperhead…) like to stay away from humans so generally there typically aren’t any issues.  We often tell our kiddos – they’re more afraid of you then you are of them.  Now, please don’t take that as carte blanch to follow them or corner them… they have been created with defenses and they aren’t afraid to use them.  Your best defense is to keep your eyes and ears open – and give any critter you come across a wide berth.  Knowing how to specifically handle  “close encounters” with specific critters can make you even more able to handle certain types of situations.  This is a great resource for more information:

It absolutely depends on when your cabin/RV space is booked next.  It is a lot easier for us to say yes to early check-ins and RV spaces are always easier to say yes to than cabins.  That said – We are willing to accommodate our guests with these requests whenever possible.  During the busy season May-September, due to staffing concerns, there is an extra fee for any early check-ins and/or late check-outs.  

Absolutely!  Your pass to the park is good until 8:00pm the last day of your stay.  After you have turned in your key to your cabin or vacated your tent/RV space, we will love for you to stay and enjoy a few more hours relaxing at the lake or taking in a nature hike or perhaps kicking back in a lawn chair and reading a good book.  Just make sure to let us know you’ve left your space/cabin so you won’t get charged late check out fees.  For folks with RV’s:  please call us once you have hooked up but before you leave your space.  We will provide you with specific instructions on where you can park your rig for the remainder of the day.  In some cases – you may be asked to leave it in the camping space.

4 wheelers are fun.  We understand and totally agree.  But…they can be very dangerous and therefore not appreciated by our insurance company and not good for our roads.  So, NO, unfortunately, they are not allowed here at the park. 

Yes!  You are welcome to bring golf-carts.  In order to ensure the safety of all guests, they may only be driven by licensed drivers only.  Off road use is also prohibited.  Please note that there is a golf-cart registration form that is required at check in. 

At this time, the park does not have a dedicated wifi system for guest use.  We are working on it and plan to have something set up soon.  In the meantime, please know that cell phone service is really good despite our remote location.  Currently, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile all have excellent 5G coverage in most areas of the park.  Most of our guests find their hotspots to be sufficient for their wifi needs.